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Are you in the Health & Wellness Industry?  Do you want more relevant contacts, referrals and business?


Wellness is a broad church that encompasses many disciplines.

Imagine an environment where you can find clients for yourself in your specialist field, and pass on clients to others in theirs, whilst still receiving revenue from the referral.  Working together in the Wellness space can bring multiple benefits. So many more voices expounding the virtues and benefits of being well and being supported.

  Many health & wellbeing professionals work alone and at times this can be quite isolating.  Coming together in a group of other practitioners, coaches and therapists gives you the opportunity to talk about your work, listen to other professionals and make new friends who understand your business and what it means to you.

As well as giving you the chance to meet each other, we invite a number of Guest Speakers to talk about the practicalities of running a business, through to different modalities that you can learn from.  Our entire aim is to work with you to enhance your business and professional connections.

We'd love to connect with you have a look and see who we are or come along to one of our meetings - you don't have to commit to anything we offer flexible plans to suit you

Upcoming Events

Our Partners

There are a few select Partners that we work with.  They are a mix of Charities, SME's & outstanding individuals..  All are working towards a Healthier, Stronger & Safer world for us all to live in.  

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The ISPC was founded in August 2000 and is the Professional Association to whom Counsellors can become Accredited by, and those Practicing Counselling skills could belong. The ISPC are a NON-PROFIT Professional Counselling Membership Association; our purpose is to provide a service that enables all Counsellors to Practice Safely.; empowering our Counsellors to have strong efficacy, be courageous, congruent and open. We are built by Counsellors, for Counsellors, to enhance our Client Relationships.

Gaining ISPC membership of this Professional Body will mean you can practice privately, or as a student. It means that Members have met the requirements set by The ISPC Professional Body and must abide by our code of ethics and complaints procedure.​

Community Health & Wellness Events

Get Involved

Getting involved in local community events is very important to the Wellness Network and its members.

Health & Wellness Shows
We have already run a successful Health & Wellness Show in Grantham and another in Lincoln despite Covid and it's obvous restrictions..  The idea is to showcase local health and wellness professionals to the community at a low cost ticket price that makes it affordable for all.  A whole programme of speakers covering a range of topics and a room full of stands with information and demonstrations on a wide variety of products and services.

If you want a Health & Wellness Show to come to your town, get in touch

We are going to be running a series of Webinars offering information, discussion panels and CPD opportunities for anyone to learn from. 
Opportunities for our members to help inform our Communities and beyond by using live and recorded Webinars on a range of subjects that will be FREE to members of the public to access.

CPD opportunities will also be introduced to help certain sectors where needed.
If you have a topic that you are particularly interested in or an area of CPD that you need help with please get in touch


Thanks for your interest in Wellness Network.
For more information, feel free to get in touch
and we will get back to you soon!

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