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Empowering people to live their best life


The Wellness Network CIC is a Community Interest Company, which means that it is a not for profit organisation. Any paid for work goes back in to the pot to go towards our funded  events and programmes.  This means that hiring us to provide your Staff Wellbeing & Training also goes towards your Corporate Social Responsibility.

The overall aims and objectives of the Wellness Network CIC are to educate, inspire and motivate people to live the best healthiest lives they can.  This may be by improving their mental, physical or emotional health.

We do this through different programmes, both face to face and online.. 

All programmes are about showing people how to take control, recognise their feelings, understand what gives them joy and what gives them pain, and make the decision to choose joy.

It is our aim to help people, help themselves to prevent them needing urgent care further down the line which then takes them down a very different path.

Our programmes are a mix of paid for and  FREE to access and specifically for anyone who is struggling with their mental health & wellbeing. 

The Mind & Body Programme is an 18 week programme that can be adapted for paid for clients or you can access our fully funded programme when we are lucky enough to secure funding.

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