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Mind & Body Programme Information
Mind & Body Programme Information

Time is TBD


Location is TBD

Mind & Body Programme Information

Our 18 week programme can be tailored to fit your requirements or you can attend a Public programme.

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD


About The Event

For our latest Mind & Body Programme that is for Parents, please contact us either on or call 07771 884 803 if you have any questions or click on the link below.

Click here to view our upcoming face to face and online sessions and to register 

We have a new Bitesize Mind & Body Programme every Tuesday morning 10.30 - 11.30

Typical Schedule 

Induction session - Introduction to our 7 pillars of health, an overview of what to expect from the programme.  Your expectations.

Wheel of Needs -  Talking through a snapshot of how you feel right now using anxiety freedom cards

Stress Management - What can cause stress?  How does it affect our bodies?  Good stress and bad stress what is the difference?

The importance of movement - Why is it so important to keep moving?  Different ways to keep moving.  Combining movement with being out in nature or with friends and family or both.

Activity - Yoga or Tai Chi depending on location.

Communication & Language -   Active listening. What words do you use? Body language. How do you talk to yourself? Are you a role model for your children?

Activity - Makaton or BSL depending on location.

Limiting Beliefs - What is stopping you?  Are you getting in your own way?

Guest Speaker

Gut Health -  The importance of your microbiome.  Good bacteria and bad bacteria.  Hormones and how they are produced.

Nutrition part 1 -  Good fats and bad fats

Activity - Boxing

Nutrition part 2 - What is wholesome food? The importance of eating clean.

Nutrition part 3 - Hydration, gluten free, dairy free, why do people choose to remove them from their diets.

Mindfulness - What is it?  How can we be more mindful?

Resilience -  How can we be more resilient?  Why is it important.

Guest Speaker

Meal Planning - How to plan your weekly meals to ensure they are healthy and you waste as little as possible.  Food label reading

Gratitude & Journaling - What is gratitude?  What are the benefits of journaling?  Different types of journaling.

Sleep - The importance of sleep.  How it impacts your health.  How to get a better nights sleep.

Guest Speaker

Breathwork - How breathing correctly impacts on your health.  Different techniques and tips to try.

Meditation - What are the benefits?  How long do you need to meditate for?  Different ways to meditate.

Geo - Emotional Mapping - We end the programme creating a personal geo-emotional map for each participant.  This shows their journey on the programme and where they want to go next.  The session involves them drawing a map of their journey then talking us through their map and showing their light bulb moments.

Extra Activities Available

We have a selection of Guest Speakers who can take a session on many topics from Mind-set, Nutrition, Limiting Beliefs,  Resilience, Lived Experience Success Stories, Gardening, Foraging, Relationships, Communication, Tai Chi, Yoga, Boxing, Dance, Art and Crafts,  Geo- Emotional Mapping.


Can I bring my baby or toddler along?

           Yes, we just need to know they are coming and how old they are.

Can I bring a friend, partner or parent with ne?

          Yes, as log as we know they are coming so we have enough chairs and space for them.

Private Bookings

If you are looking for a shorter programme we can tailor it to suit your requirements.  

To discuss your requirements,  please either register your interest below or email 

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