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Design Your Day: A New Way of Retreating

Last October we ran our first Design Your Day at the beautiful Purusha Retreat in Wellingore, Lincolnshire.

The concept is you have a choice of activities in the morning, a choice in the afternoon but everyone is together for lunch and the fabulous Sound Bath at the close of the day. This means that you can go with friends who have different interests or priorities, but feel like you are still spending the day with them.

Wendy's Dome - The Original Medicine Woman

One of the choices was to spend the morning learning about all things natural and homeopathic. Packed with information on Tissue Salts, Essential Oils and Flower Remedies this educational trip around Wendy's World of nature was a tremendous success. Leaving with a beautiful booklet with all the details of the morning, everyone was able to take away so much knowledge and a gorgeous reference book.

The afternoon session with Wendy was all about Green Cleaning and everyone left with some goodies to help around the home.

Wendy has a lifetime's worth of invaluable knowledge and I'm privileged to have had a glimpse of it - Rebecca

Amanda & Jo's Dome - Gut Health & Nutrition & Soul Searcher Workshops

In the other Dome we started with a fascinating talk on Gut Health by Amanda. So many myths busted, so many useful tips and tricks learnt. A subject that is continually becoming more popular and more is being learnt all the time. One day hopefully it will be common knowledge and we will find a huge reduction in many lifestyle illnesses occurring. Those who attended came away with a few Gut Health treats to try.

After Amanda, Jo took the Soul Searcher workshop. Using the amazing Anxiety Freedom Cards everyone took a snapshot of where they were by marking on a wheel of needs exactly how they were feeling. Understanding the different innate needs humans have, allows us to realise when they are not being met. Going through our innate skills shows us that we have the tools to fulfil those needs. Leaving with some actions to do and a plan for the next few months they also left with their own bag sized set of Anxiety Freedom Cards to use themselves.

I liked the anxiety freedom cards and the conversations and thoughts discussed - Luke
The Gut Health talk was fascinating, I really want to find out more now - Celeen

Fabulous Teas & Lunchtime - We provided a predominantly Gluten & Dairy Free Lunch

To compliment Amanda's talk it was important for us to have a mostly Gluten & Dairy free lunch available for our participants.

Fabulous selection of healthy, yummy food

Time to explore the gorgeous grounds

As one group was learning about Green Cleaning with Wendy, the other group was learning about the benefits of Journaling with Amanda, and then had the opportunity to explore the grounds and take in the unusually warm October sunshine.

Walking outside and seeing all the botanicals we could use after learning with Wendy this morning was wonderful - Emma

Peter's Sound Bath to finish

If you have never experienced a Sound Bath before then experiencing one in this incredible location is one to beat. Allowing yourself to drift off with the sounds that Peter is magicking up is an wonderful feeling.

This photo was taken just before everyone got settled down, we were all too relaxed to remember to take a photo after.

Relaxing, Wonderful Ambience in the Dome, Incredible experience, didn't want it to end

This Year: Thursday 16 May

We took on board everyone's feedback and made a few tweaks this year. Same experts, same glorious location, I wonder who is going to join us this year?

To find out about this year click here


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