Stop Smoking ‘Stop Happy’©

How does a smokers brain work? How can it be changed?


I started smoking young & over 20 yrs later I was still smoking. By then I wished I’d never started, but repeated failed attempts to ‘give up’ left me feeling a failure. Smoking wasn’t working for me anymore, but I felt trapped.

Then, two synchronised events changed my view. I worked it out, & then I chose to stop. That was over 12 years ago & I’ve been a happy non-smoker since. I can honestly say I have NEVER missed it. Never! I was able to ‘Stop Happy’© because I’d gained an understanding of my smoking behaviour from a different view. That in turn, changed my perspective & my world.

I’ve been an Occupational Therapist for over 20 yrs. I have personal & clinical experience that has helped me develop the ‘Sense’ sense© approach to smoking cessation, which is based in understanding, awareness & challenging this behaviour. What’s more, it has a ‘value & meaning’ for smokers. Why would people do it?

For me awareness, understanding & then challenging this behaviour was my key to success, happiness & freedom. It can be yours too, it’s up to you?

Knowledge is freedom!

Perception is everything, because it’s our perspective of our world, & our experiences of life in it.

The dictionary definition of perception is;

1. The ability to see, hear or to become aware of something through the senses (Sense).

2. The way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted (sense).

Understanding my perception of my smoking behaviour, including the ‘value & meaning’ it held for me, enabled me to understand. Now the ‘Sense’ sense© approach to smoking cessation can do the same for you.

How this Works ‘4’ You

If you understand your smoking behaviour, you can choose to STOP, not ‘give up.’ Understanding is the difference. Then it’s 4 easy steps.

Step 1 – Encourages you to explore & understand your smoking behaviour.

Step 2 – Challenges the real value & meaning this behaviour has for you, using your NEW understanding.

Step 3 - Create a healthier perspective that supports health & freedom from smoking.

Step 4 – ‘Stop Happy’©

Change your perception & you change your world!

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