Introducing another of our amazing speakers for Hot Top no 1. - Lisa Newport

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

My mission is to help women be who they are meant to be in all their sparkling glory. To show them that I know a shortcut to boosting confidence by using colour and clothes. I aim to support women in expressing their identity and looking the part – whatever that means to them.

No judgement or fashion police – just compassion and fun combined with expert knowledge. I help women look good and feel fabulous so they can go conquer the world!

The kind of woman I work with likes to look nice but isn't always 100% confident that she gets it right. She sometimes worries about what to wear and feels like she's struggling to put an outfit together despite her wardrobe being crammed. This wardrobe has probably got lots of clothes in it that never see the light of day for a variety of reasons.

This woman doesn't like clothes shopping since her body shape changed. She feels young at heart but worries about looking like mutton dressed as lamb but neither does she want to dress like a nana. She's a busy lady and would love to have a few tips and tricks up her sleeve that just help take the stress out of getting dressed.

I have a range of services, courses and workshops - both online and in Nottingham

· WTF Club | online access to me as your personal stylist and mentor £27pcm

· Make Up Masterclass | online tutorials that you can watch at your leisure £37

· Colour Analysis | online £127 or face to face including WOW colours £247

The ultimate style fix for quick results that are very specific and bespoke to you would be one of my VIP Packages that start at £397 with Crack Your Style Code, £997 for Wardrobe Alchemy and £2397 for the ultimate package, The Full Monty.

I have lots of free tips and advice on my Facebook page, blogs and freebies on my website and the amazingly supportive Style Sisterhood which is also free to join.

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