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What does Blueprint actually do?

“Blueprint offers nutritional/lifestyle guidance and consultation based on the results of a hair-tissue mineral analysis, which reveals our clients metabolic disposition and other health parameters”.

How does that work?

“The hair-tissue mineral analysis we carry out provides an incredible amount of information regarding the inner functioning of the human body at the cellular level. The different levels/ratios of minerals displayed following testing are used by us to determine the optimal diet to suit the metabolic needs of our clients and to balance their unique internal body chemistry”.

“The analysis provides information regarding the optimum balance of the macronutrients, protein, fat and carbohydrate, as well as information relating to the hormonal activity of the thyroid and adrenals, immune function, liver function, protein utilisation, digestive strength, blood-sugar control, toxic metal exposure and more. It is a cutting-edge and truly revealing test that is beneficial for all who seek to improve their health and well-being, energy levels and/or promote an anti-ageing effect”.

What are the main reasons to have this test?

- Increase in energy levels

- Reduced stress and improved ability to cope with stress

- Improved mental functioning

- Improvements in a range of health conditions, such as diabetes, skin conditions, obesity, hair - loss, fatigue and depression, and improvements in health challenges relating to bone health, - cardiovascular health, food allergies, and digestive health

- Improved physical functioning

- Hormone optimisation

- Improved sporting/gym performance

- Anti-ageing properties

- Maximised nutrition for a developing foetus/baby via well-nourished pre-natal women

- Correction and prevention of early cases of health challenges

How does it improve Mental Functioning?

“Increasing an individual’s energy level also helps with mental functioning. The brain uses a lot of energy, and requires many nutrients to work optimally. A tired or ‘burnt-out’ body produces insufficient energy and the brain cannot work as well”.

“In order to optimise energy production in the body, and to ensure mental clarity, it is essential to eat correctly for your unique body chemistry. A slow oxidiser eating excessive fat, or a fast oxidiser eating too little, will both result in decreased efficiency of energy production and poorer mental functioning”.

“Increasing your energy levels will also likely improve your mood. High energy levels are associated with greater self-confidence and a more positive outlook on life”.

How can it help with Anti-ageing?

“Balancing your body chemistry has as an anti-ageing effect because it re-nourishes the body, removes toxins, and causes hormone levels to optimise to levels possessed by younger individuals. Additional methods that we utilise to assist in the restoration of youth include more rest and sleep, stress reduction, toxin avoidance, increasing oxygenation, increasing hydration and others”.

“All these healthful activities help to activate protein synthesis within all cells of the body. As the proteins are synthesised faster and in larger quantities they replace damaged proteins, enzymes, and cells much faster, creating an anabolic effect in the body. If the DNA synthesis of proteins is accelerated enough it can overcome the pace of normal wear and tear on the body. As this occurs, a person actually begins to become younger inside. The process begins in the internal organs, and the return of this internal health will then gradually be reflected on the outer body as well”.

“Another aspect of anti-ageing that is addressed by the program is the restoration of telomeres. Telomeres are strands of DNA at the end of chromosomes. Individuals tend to be born with about 15,000 to 35,000 pairs of telomeres which are linked to the end of each chromosome in the body. As you age though, they deteriorate, and the telomeres become shorter and shorter. When there are only about 4,000 pairs of them left, the DNA cannot replicate itself properly and health suffers. Adhering to the program helps to keep telomeres intact for longer and actually increases their length as well, producing an anti-ageing effect. It is relatively easy to count the telomeres from a simple blood sample or even a hair or other tissue sample”.

Can you give some examples of Health Conditions linked to Poor Nutrition?

- Coronary Heart Disease

- Obesity

- Cancer

- Diabetes

- Brain and neurological disorders, such as Autism, MS and Parkinson’s disease

- Infertility

- Eczema and Psoriasis

- Candida and other fungal infections

- Hypertension

- Allergies

- Depression and Anxiety

- Insomnia

- Constipation

- Hair Loss

What if your clients are already Athletes and at the top of their game?

“Physical endurance is maximised if energy production within cells of the body is ideal. The process of energy production within all cells of the body (including muscle cells) can be optimised by eating a customised diet based on your own unique body chemistry and oxidation rate, and by supplementing essential minerals involved in the cellular energy production process”.

“Stamina and endurance can be enhanced by improving glucose tolerance and stabilising blood sugar response”.

“The brain operates more effectively when an appropriate diet supplies it with all the nutrients it requires. Enhanced brain functioning improves awareness and decision making, contributing to improved sporting performance. Neuromuscular connections sharpen, thus increasing reaction time”.

“Nutritional imbalances contribute to weak bones, tendons and ligaments and cause inflammation of joint structures, increasing susceptibility to injury. In the event that an injury has already occurred, a range of minerals (zinc, manganese, copper, calcium and magnesium) are essential for optimum healing and require supplying in the correct amounts and combinations. A well-nourished body is therefore less vulnerable to injury, and able to heal more effectively from injury and with less use of medications. Even more importantly, some supposedly healthy sports players die from sudden heart complications during competition. Stress indicators from a properly performed and interpreted hair analysis would likely highlight a problem in its early stages and potentially allow for prevention using dietary adjustments and appropriate supplementation”.

“Stress activates the sympathetic branch of the nervous system and triggers physiological changes that can impact on mental and physical functioning. Narrowing of attention and decreased awareness may occur, which can negatively affect co-ordination and decision-making, and reduce overall performance of sports where these attributes play a key role. Eating based on generic nutritional advice could easily result in an inappropriate diet being consumed in relation to the oxidation rate and consequently worsen the effects of stress”.

“Both nutritional imbalances and stress can combine to negatively impact on hormone production. An ideal hormone balance is essential to facilitate optimum physical functioning and to maximise the physiological adaptations following training”.

“Intensive exercise training regimes can easily burn-out the body, especially the adrenal glands, and is very common today. Immune system function can also decrease if over-trained, and susceptibility to illnesses increases. Balancing body chemistry can help to buffer the stress on the body that occurs during exercise, helping to prevent chronic fatigue and burnout, and improve resilience to illness”.

“Many sportsman and women, and even regular gym goers, take a variety of supplements. Some of these are not beneficial and some even harmful. A properly performed and interpreted hair analysis is very helpful to assess the appropriateness of the diet and to guide the use of supplementation to balance and enhance body chemistry”.

Once you have decided to have the test, what happens next?

“A member of the Blueprint team will call the individual explain the process in greater depth and to ensure they are motivated and keen to make positive changes to their nutritional approach and lifestyle”.

“If you have any more questions and would like to speak to someone about undergoing the Blueprint testing and nutritional programme, or how you can provide this service for your existing clients, please contact Philip and his team”.

Philip Smith -Nutritional Consultant


0161 304 9363

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