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Jane Osborne Healing Consultant

I’ve just watched the clip you’ve put up on YouTube, wow it’s brilliant, I can’t wait for my full copy to arrive.
I’m going to have to say there’s some very spot-on clues in what I’ve watched so far….pansy looking after Goats….back in 1643….I’m allergic to Goats! So that’s very funny.
16 is our Josh’s birthday too.
Daisy who was one of my children back then is our Millie now, and I did have Aunty Daisy who lived with us to, she brought up my Mum.
Strange how pansy had 5 children, this resonates as I would have had 5 children too myself except, I’ve had two miscarriages.
“Pansy’s eldest child David, is My Daughter Rowena’s Partner name in this life.
I mentioned to you also yesterday how the same setting of Indian settlement too makes a lot of sense as my guides were there again….I’m absolutely gobsmacked by the session, it’s left me craving so much more now…..I need to get saving up, ready for another booking with you.
Thank you so very much for helping me remove my two skyscrapers from my body and soul and returning it to where it needed to go.
Have a lovely day Janes, thanks so very much again.

Jane Osborne Healing Consultant